Electroporation Mesotherapy Treatment - Fat Dissolve

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Duration: (90 MIN)

Finish off your treatments with our amazing Fat Dissolve Serums!

The Electroporation Mesotherapy Treatment is a safe and effective way to break down fat deposits. This treatment helps improve skin condition and enhance weight loss results. 

The treatment is a combination of a mini session: Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum Therapy, Colombian Wood Therapy, Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage (Sculpt). Lastly finalizing with the Fat Dissolve serum.

Our Serums:

Our serums are made of pure plant extracts, caffeine, vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Lipo Serum (Kabelline / Lipo Lab): Specializes in reducing excess fat accumulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite, dimpling and stretch marks.

Body (except face) - 1 Vial per Session (8-10 ML)


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*It’s important to note that results vary from one individual to the next. Body Contouring requires positive lifestyle changes to reach your body goals. Following your After Care Guide is key for optimal results.*

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